Have rips, loose seams and damage repaired as soon as possible by a professional furrier. This prevents minor problems from becoming major, more expensive problems.
Repairing fur garments is not like mending cloth. Repairs made from the outside will be weak and susceptible to more damage. For proper repairs the coat must be opened and the sewing must be done from “inside”, under the lining. Specialized equipment including special needles and thread types specifically designed for the unique properties of fur, must be used. Regular needles and thread will not be strong enough for fur. Most tailors, seamstresses or sewing hobbyists do not have this special equipment and are not versed in the proper methods for cutting and sewing fur. For lasting repairs a garment should be taken to a professional furrier.


Give new life to your old fur coat or jacket by remodeling it into updated styles and silhouettes. Restyle the sleeves or collar. Use it to line a raincoat. Make it into a stole, muff, hat or scarf. Or perhaps you’d like fur pillows or a fur throw. With your creativity and the skills and experience of your Authorized Furcare SpecialistSM there are more options for remodeling than you can imagine!
However, even a simple remodeling job can be complicated. In many cases new patterns must be constructed and fitted, which means the old coat must be taken apart. Unusable fur must be discarded and usable fur must be completely reworked to fit the new pattern. In some cases, new fur must be added – which, of course, must be carefully sourced to match the original pelts. Remodeling requires the expertise of skilled craftsmen with the proper tools and training.

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